Harvey Nash is part of Harvey Nash Group, the leading global provider of talent and technology solutions.
Our Services

IT & Engineering

Harvey Nash Belgium is since many years the loyal partner for clients and professionals. We guarantee professionalism in the entire search for the right match. We know the market and its players and are aware of the most recent developments. 
With more than 20 years of talent acquisition experience within Belgium, Harvey Nash is your expert in recruiting, sourcing and managing the highly skilled IT & Engineering talent you need.

Life Sciences

Since 2003, Harvey Nash Belgium has developed several collaborations with major actors of the pharmaceutical and chemical industry in Belgium but also on an international level. These partnerships and this experience allows us to position ourselves as preferred supplier for all functions related to the Life Sciences sector. Our Business Unit Life Sciences represents over 200 active consultants and a constant growing turnover.

Our Vision
Our Values

At Harvey Nash you will find bright, knowledgeable and hardworking staff committed to providing clients with executives, professionals and specialists whose skills advance business performance and profitability.

Throughout our network you will find recruitment experts who are united by the following set of business values:

We are local market specialists with a global reach

Though a global company, Harvey Nash empowers its staff to adopt an approach tailored to local market, client and cultural needs and encourages innovation at every level in the organisation.

We are providers of outstanding talent

Our professionalism in sourcing and placing talented individuals, managing requirements and providing innovative solutions, allows us to establish partnerships of the highest standard with our clients.

We are always innovating and advancing

Harvey Nash is committed to the ongoing advancement of its industry and local market expertise in order to innovatively and knowledgeably address the unique challenges our clients face.

We are committed to the highest standards of service

Common to all our areas of business is a genuine commitment to the highest standards of service. We strive to provide imaginative yet pragmatic solutions derived from a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs. Our commitment is underpinned by the quality of our people and our depth of expertise at a senior level.

We are a trusted careers resource

Executives and professionals worldwide know Harvey Nash as a valued career partner that is dedicated to placing candidates in roles where they can contribute, grow and achieve. With these values Harvey Nash will continue to provide clients with talented leaders, high performers and skilled innovators.

Ethics and Confidentiality

Harvey Nash does not divulge any information whatsoever about a candidate to a client or to other external contacts without having received the candidate’s expressed consent. We treat all information from clients and candidates as strictly confidential.

We undertake to maintain strict confidentiality in respect of all matters which we become aware of in connection with assignments. We always refrain from actively contacting candidates in the companies that we work closely with. All documentation is are stored in a secure manner. All candidates are treated in a friendly and professional manner.

We are also aware that the way in which we treat our candidates has a direct impact on our clients’ reputation.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We think that social, environmental and ethical issues are crucial in creating a sustainable business. Being part of the Harvey Nash Group also means being a valuable contributor to society. At Harvey Nash we are always ready to support organisations and initiatives which benefit society in general. 

All candidates are treated in a friendly and professional manner. We are also aware that the way in which we treat our candidates has a direct impact on our clients’ reputation.

Our people
Andy Van Royen
Field Manager
  02 481 52 10
Anne-Marie Van de Vel
Contract & Admin Manager
  02 481 52 41
Dirk Van de Voorde
Senior Key Account Consultant
  02 481 61 48
Elke Haak
Marketing & Communications Manager
  02 463 34 29
Evelyne Verhulst
Invoice Administrator
  02 481 61 45
Francois Echement
Account Manager
  02 481 52 42
Isis Robert
Recruitment Manager / Field Manager
  02 481 61 44
Jill Gees
Sales Manager IT Contracting
  02 481 61 46
Karima Oulad Haddou
Contract Administrator
  02 481 52 19
Kimberly Vancraeyveld
Invoice Administrator
  02 481 52 47
Koen Peeters
Sales Manager Permanent ICT Recruitment
  02 481 61 42
Laura Bral
  02 629 77 72
Maarten Vermeren
  02 481 61 43
Malika Debza
Contract Administration Teamleader
  02 629 77 79
Manuel Reyes
  02 481 52 45
Maud Mathieu
Account Manager
  02 481 52 49
Melissa Blairvacq
Junior Administrative Assistant
  02 481 52 11
Mikail Sever
  02 629 77 78
Mohamed Laaouani
  02 629 77 76
Mucella Pala
  02 629 77 74
Nadia Van Sande
HR Manager
  02 481 52 14
Patrick Mortier
Finance Manager
  02 481 52 46
Ronny Lommelen
Managing Director
  02 481 61 41
Santina La Piana
Contract Administrator
  02 481 52 48
Sarah Van Nerom
HR Administrator
  02 481 52 17
Stijn Raemdonck
  02 481 61 49
Tania Van Roy
  02 481 52 43
Tatiana Paiu
  02 481 52 16
Taufik Akoudad
Key Account Manager
  02 629 77 73
Valérie Heyvaert
Contract Administrator
  02 481 52 44