Female power at the top - International Women's Day Posted on 08-03-2022

Harvey Nash Belgium has today achieved a gender balance in its management workforce. With a higher representation of female managers than ever before, the Harvey Nash workforce is closing the gender gap, with 50% women at management level. At Harvey Nash we believe it's natural to strive for gender parity across all levels of the organisation. We are a people business, and we are committed to contributing to a world where everyone has equal opportunities in the workforce and is not restricted by any stereotypes. We strive to make the best possible use of all talents.

HR Manager Nadia Van Sande testifies that within a diverse organisation like Harvey Nash it is important to have a good combination of both male and female attributes. Within our organisation we need decisiveness, result-orientation but also sustainability and connection.

On top of that we also offer several empowerment programs within Harvey Nash that support continuous learning and feeling good. Think of the Harvey Nash Group Wellbeing Hub, from yoga videos, fitness workouts or nutritional advice - one can find everything there to feel good about themselves. The organisation also offers a training platform with a range of courses to further promote career development.