DevOps Engineer (6-9) Reference number: 2322

  • Online since: 18-05-2022
  • Sector: Financial
  • Start: 23-05-2022 | End: 31-12-2022
  • Category: IT

Job description

As a CI/CD Accelerator and Engineer, you’ll be a front-runner for our Agile transformation and work very closely with the different cross-functional product teams/squads. You'll combine ‘Agile’ with expertise in technology to roll-out and continuously improve the CI/CD pipeline and to redesign the linkages & controls affected by the Agile transformation.

You have an equal role in the team as a contributor and designer. You will need to be continually looking for creative solutions, using both your existing technical knowledge and by exploring and learning new processes, products, and technologies. You will have the opportunity to provide technical and architectural input and feedback to the team and shape the evolution of the continuous delivery pipeline.

What you'll do

  • Support of roll-out of and migration to the CI/CD pipeline, including:
  • Work collaboratively with other team members and provide guidance to more junior team members
  • Review designs, code, unit test and technical documentation created by other developers.
  • Integrating controls in the CI/CI pipeline, where possible (“compliance-as-code”)
  • Participate in the agile teams activities to prioritize, estimate, and coordinate team activities on a daily basis
  • Develop and maintain technical documentation and automated tests for the CI/CD pipeline
  • Work with the team to continually architect, design, develop, test, install/roll-out, and improve the new CI/CD pipeline to all teams/squads.
  • Support the squads in migrating to the CI/CD pipeline by providing coaching and ad-hoc problem solving to address impediments and issues
  • Provide routine demos and solution presentations to team members and customers based in Belgium, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Netherlands, etc. with flexible timing based on time zone needs.
  • Coach and challenge the squads on CI/CD practices, including:
    Assess the current challenges and defining the key actions to be taken to improve the CI/CD practices within a team/squad while onboarding them to the Agile
    Constantly validate the measures to be taken to improve the DevOps practices
    Coach the teams/squads on how to best use the available DevOps practices, CI/CD pipeline, evolve controls, etc.

Required skills

  • Cloud environment (AWS) is a plus
  • CloudBees
  • Docker, Unix/Linux and Bash shell scripting (4-5)
  • Java/Groovy and/or Python programming (4-5)
  • Jenkins, Git, Maven and Nexus (4-5)
  • Jira / Confluence / Bitbucket
  • Kubernetes (4-5)
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