Information Architect with strong emphasis on Data Reference number: 2467

  • Online since: 01-03-2023
  • Sector: Investment Banking / Finances
  • Category: IT

Job description

To drive the definition and maintenance of the information architecture to optimally manage and leverage its information assets, to perform information architecture and design for epics and features, covering the full information management lifecycle from acquisition to archiving, with attention to regulatory requirements, optimal integration with other domains and a good balance between cost and value, and to provide guidance to the delivery teams on execution according to architectural design.

What you'll do

  • Responsible for translating strategic business objectives into an executable information strategy well aligned with the current industry trends
    Supports the Data strategy: Engage with Business Architecture and Business SMEs to capture the Strategic Objectives and Drivers impacting the Business Priorities, Value Propositions & Business/IT roadmaps and identify their impacts on the Info & Data architecture

    Define, set-up and mature the data modelling capability with SMEs to support the Long
  • Define, set-up and mature the data modelling capability with SMEs to support the Long-Term Vision
    Translate business and IT requirements into impact on the data model, align this impact with business and IT stakeholders and drive company-wide implementation of and adherence to the new set up
    Provides guidance to project teams, resolving cross-domain issues and aligning project work to the business strategy.
  • Establish reference architecture, architecture principles, guidelines and patterns
    Coordinates and advises on the development of data standards (e.g. common business vocabulary, naming conventions, etc.) and the definition of the governance structure and classification of the information and data objects.
  • Advises on the management of all aspects of data and information (both structured and unstructured) from translation of business and strategic requirements into an information architecture to logical and physical designs
  • Coordinates and advises on the full information management lifecycle from information acquisition through analysis, cleanse, transform, classify and storage to presentation, distribution, security, privacy and archiving. improvements, optimizations, and solutions as necessary
  • Supports Data Management Office to operationalize the Data governance (incl. R&R and organization) and to roll-out the target operating model.
    Supports Data Management Office to ensure a high level of quality of the data
  • Advises on the full information management lifecycle from information acquisition through analysis, cleanse, transform, classify and storage to presentation, distribution, security, privacy and archiving
    Help to enable data sharing capability with internal consumers, external partners and ingestion of third-party data
    Identifying relationships between info/data, processes, application and technology platform
    Works closely with the Info & Data domain architects to surface the EA value of Infor
  • Communication and Consultation
    Internal Contacts
    Has frequent (daily) contacts with more business, domain and solution architects, providing explanatory information on architecture method and content, and providing guidance on the activities and deliverables.
    Regularly organizes workshops, group sessions and presentations.
    Has regular (weekly) contacts with internal stakeholders (Business, Product Owners, Data Management Office, Architects) with a view to advise on difficult architecture, de
  • Has regular (weekly) contacts with senior managers and representatives of IT and business departments in order to advise, persuade, and find compromises, as well as to reconcile short-term interests with long-term interests
    Understands the political relationships within the company.
    Understands underlying thoughts/feelings/problems.
    Uses indirect influence.
  • External contacts:
    Is actively contributing member of the architect community, having regular contacts with external suppliers, research institutes or partners to exchange information about solving architectural problems, modifying or updating the data.


  • Knowledge and Complexity / problem solving
    Has deep knowledge of multiple environments (domains, platforms, products, architectures, technologies, …).
    Coordinates the solution of complex problems, making complex analyses, using pattern recognition to assess what to do and using rules to determine how to do it, making connections between current events and the corporate strategy or the longer term vision, anticipating and preparing for opportunities and obstacles, showing long-term perseverance
  • Takes responsibility at local level for mentoring, coaching and training colleagues on these environments.
    Domain Driven Design experience
    Knowledge of Finance domain (preferred)
    Master level or equivalent by experience.
    At least 10 years of relevant work experience
    Good written and spoken knowledge of English.
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