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Job description

De PMOfficer biedt ondersteuning aan één of meer portfolio’s, domeinen of programma’s o.b.v. de nood van het portfolio/domein/programma, de onderliggende projecten óf de nood van de portfolio coördinator/domein verantwoordelijke waar je een aantal verantwoordelijkheden (taken/opdrachten) van overneemt.
Daarnaast sta je mee in voor het bewaken van de kwaliteit van de project- en programma of portfolio management deliverables.

Concreet gaat het hier over het mee ondersteunen en verder uitbouwen van de portfolio ITIS, IT en Infrastructure, het mee opzetten en verder uitbouwen van de nodige processen, mee structuur brengen waar nodig en pro-actief werk opnemen en verbeteringen aanreiken.

What you'll do

  • The PMO maintains the PBOX and ensures that the view is up to date.
  • The PMO supports and challenges the portfolio coordinator in the design and implementation of the portfolio and the underlying projects, and monitors and coordinates.
  • The PMO collects the resource demand from the PMs on a monthly basis and ensures a continuous reality check of the resource demand in the short and medium term
  • The PMO asks the PM to clarify the impact of shifts in effort in the lead time and total workload. He supports the portfolio coordinator in the consultation with the resource managers and the resource pool managers, in levelling out the demand within the portfolio and also incorporates the impact of shifts in the roadmap in the demand.
  • The PMO collects monthly and if necessary annually all costs on portfolio and RA level. The RAs or responsibility areas are a subdivision within the portfolio. On the basis of actuals, etc. ...., he makes an analysis of the cost evolution and reports to the portfolio coordinator and RA responsible. He discusses this with the PM (whether or not together with the portfolio coordinator). Based on this input, he prepares the portfolio reporting using the in-house reporting tools and applications.
  • The PMO collects and actively searches for relevant information to provide the necessary analysis. If the analysis (or possibly also from other sources) shows that a change request is necessary
  • the PMO supervises the drafting of the change request and adjusts the baseline in the cost follow-u
  • The PMO collects the PSRs (and in particular ensures that they are delivered) and challenges them (on costs as well as milestones and deliverables).
  • The PMO monitors the dependencies between the projects in the portfolio.
  • The PMO participates in meetings such as: RA consultation, PM consultation, portfolio council etc. He draws up a report of the portfolio council and records the decisions and to-dos. The latter also applies to the PM consultation.
  • The PMO takes on a limited number of administrative tasks (creating and maintaining functional groups, arranging access to SharePoint, drawing up and maintaining a list of meetings, etc.).
  • The PMO supervises the start-up and shut-down of a project and ensures that all requirements are met. He also takes care of the administrative closing of the project.
  • The PMO spreads the Colruyt/programme/project methodology among the PMs and makes sure they follow it.
  • The PMO supports the portfolio coordinator/project managers both in questions concerning practical tasks (creating point codes, creating sharepoint) and in questions concerning the methodology.
  • The PMO shares his experiences both within his own programme/portfolio and within the hierarchical team (matrix operation).


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