Project Manager Reference number: 2292

  • Online since: 27-04-2022
  • Sector: IT & Automotive
  • freelance/ permanent welcome
  • Contract type: temp
  • Region: Braine l'Alleud
  • Work experience: senior level
  • Category: Management

What you'll do

  • Responsibilities : For serial product development, from the moment that the probability to get nominate becomes high:
  • Ensure approval package is created (project creation with AWJ), submitted and accepted by AWJ to engage with customer
  • Base on the product roadmap and customer contract, ensure project charter is defined (PM3: Organizing) from the beginning of the project, and maintained over project life time (including change management):
    o Requirements / deliverables
    o Schedule
    o Organisation / resoures planning
    o Process / governance / project KPIs / risks
  • Define project related objectives aligned with the Product Owner and communicate to the team
  • Ensure the process is defined and followed
    o Ensure project deliverables are prepared in the correct format
    o Ensure activity is scheduled over time and hand-over points with parties of interest defined
    o Ensure objectives are in line with the schedule
    o Ensure inputs are received and understood, and deliverables are delivered, understood and accepted by recipients in time
  • Project related reporting
    o Weekly project meeting
    o Collect and maintain the estimation in terms of manpower and expenses, track spent budget vs this estimation, escalation and


  • Communication :
    • Convincing capabilities, positive
    • Listen and analyse to understand the root problem to solve (underlying needs)
    • Present information to stakeholders with confidence and formalized it (evidence)
    • Adapt to different teams, seniority level and personality types
    • Communicate to the development team so they understand the work and purpose of the task and its contribution to the project
    • Provide relevant, synthesized, simple and visual information
  • Collaboration :
    • Cross-functional collaboration: Customer, Management, Development Team, Product owners within the same project, Project managers within
    the same project (China, Japan,…), Internal Program Manager, Scrum master, Key account manager / Business developer
    • Knowledge sharing with the team and involved stakeholders in the serial development process (PM2: Transfering expertise)
    • Twin: customer project manager / AWJ Project manager / PO / SM
  • Engagement :
    • Commit to deliver on time product which is compliant to requirements within project objectives (PM3: Achieving Objectives)
    • Regular business trip to customer to build / maintain relationship and align on project status and corrective / preventive action plans (average once every week) in line with the Business Developer and the Product Owner (project scope)
    • Attend all agile meetings, work with all team members
    • Take ownership of the process and the schedule, strive for con

Required skills

  • Soft Skills :
    • Drive the customer
    • Coordination
    • Energy and transfer to the team (PM3: Motivation), engagement
    • Analytic (PM2: Integrating), problem solving, negociation (PM2: Deciding, PM3: Deciding), advisor (PM2: Advising)
    • Open-mindness, aptability (PM2: Developing oneself)
    • Technical skills: understanding of how products are made and be familiar with architectures, languages, and build cycles
    • Planning, anticipation and prioritization skills
  • • Conflict resolver: bridge the gap between stakeholders and the development team
    • Effective Escalation
    • Team player
    • Communicator
    • Transversal management
    • Resilience
    • Result driven
    • Assertivity
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