SAP Specialist Reference number: 2441

  • Online since: 29-11-2022
  • Sector: Transport
  • Region: Brussels
  • Start: 01-12-2022 | End: 31-12-2023
  • Category: IT

Job description

To keep SAP solutions operational in the designated customer domain(s).
To develop and propose SAP solutions for new business processes or business processes for which there are obsolete IT solutions currently running.
Ensure the operation of SAP for the ongoing and new business processes within the respective domain(s) taking into account potential interfaces with other SAP and non-SAP domains.

What you'll do

  • Business Analysis & Support
    - actively handles customer needs ("challenges"), evaluates them and assesses whether an IT solution can fulfill the need.
    - analyzes and documents the As-Is processes, procedures and workflows
    - takes note of the analyses to be performed and draws up his own work plan on this basis
    - gathers prior information to clarify the assignment
    - contacts, shares and collects information from all possible third parties / stakeholders
    - takes note of the existing ICT arch
  • Functional Analysis
    - translates customer needs/problems into an SAP solution that is as standard as possible
    - together with the customer, draws out the to-be processes and customizes solutions for the customer, in line with the ICT strategy
    - Draws up Functional Specifications for the developers; collaborates with other
    teams (SAP/non-SAP) for drafting the Functional Specifications
    - Documents processes
    - Proposes a solution in terms of SAP architecture, ensures consistency with existing
  • Testing
    - determines the necessary tests and writes the test scenarios
    - test developed solution in the provided environment (Technical unit test/Functional unit test)
    - Tests the entire process (Integration testing=end-to-end testing)
    - Prepares and coordinates the user acceptance test
    - Coordinates or performs itself the regression testing (testing the stability of the non-impacted
    processes), based on possible or expected impacts, in cooperation with the user(s)
    - Ensures the resolutio
  • Hypercare
    - acts as point of contact for incidents, problems, service requests during Hypercare period
    - analyses the identified incidents, problems, service requests and provides follow-up
    - ensures quality assurance and technical control
  • Support
    - Analyzes SAP problems in the systems reported by customers or monitoring, and resolves the
    problems in first line or second line
    - Closes incidents if resolved
    - Keeps the customer informed about the status of the problem resolution
    - Monitors the quality/efficiency/cost of services within the assigned domain and
    application for which functional support is provided
    - Monitors the quality/efficiency/cost of training provided for the applications for which functional support is pr
  • Knowledge Management
    - Inventories and maintains the necessary knowledge related to the assigned customer business domain and the associated business processes/information flows, as well as general knowledge related to the assigned business domain
    - Gathers knowledge related to new SAP and more general IT technology, relevant to the assigned business domain.
    - Provides knowledge transfer within the team
    - Ad hoc checks the practical application of documented processes and adjusts if necessar
  • Communication
    - Communicates and consults with all possible parties with the aim of creating support and
    actively bridging the gap between IT and the customer
    - regularly consults with domain management (Business Area Lead)
    - Communicates about the existing needs, possible blind spots and opportunities for improvement
    - Attends various consultation forums (management, project, experts, etc.)
    - Consults with colleagues about approach/methodology, ongoing projects and interdependencies.
    - P
  • Responsibilities
    - Questioning, clarifying and critically assessing customer needs
    - Translating customer needs into an SAP solution (functional analysis) or an SAP-related solution and preparing functional tests (Fit-Gap Analyses)
    - Translating the functional analysis into an SAP solution and estimating your own workload
    - Preparation of technical and functional documentation
    - Monitoring the progress of projects and change requests
    - Continuous coordination with other teams (SAP/non-SAP)
  • Communication
    Internal contacts
    - Daily contact with colleagues regarding issues or possible new requests
    - Weekly contact with other teams (SAP/non-SAP) regarding expected changes in the upcoming release
    - Weekly contact with HR, Change & Communication regarding communication to users, trainings
    - Weekly contact with supervisor to discuss issues / topics / expected changes / priorities / progression of projects
    External contacts
    - Daily contact with business key users regarding issues or


  • Qualifications
    - Master level or equivalent by experience
    - Relevant work experience of 5 years
    - Working-in period of 9-12 months depending on the SAP Module
    - Thorough process knowledge and SAP knowledge depending on the specific domain (SAP PP Module, PS Module, MM Module, QM Module, FI Module, FICA, CO, PM, CS, CRM, SD, HR with sub-modules, ...)
    - Thorough knowledge of the business processes relevant to the specific domain (e.g. Production Planning, Maintenance processes, Financial pr
  • Problem Solving Abilities
    - Being able to make connections and identify causes
    - Being able to convert customer needs into clear functional specifications to SAP solutions
    - Constantly monitoring the maximum standardization of SAP
    - The ability to formulate improvement proposals
    - The ability to anticipate and analyze problems related to SAP solutions
    - Being able to influence and guide customers in a certain direction and finding consensus between different customers/departments.
    - Being

Required skills

  • Languages
    Knowledge of Dutch, French and English (oral and written)
  • Experience in working with Jira & Xray
    Experience with technical integrations (EWM-ECC, later EWM-S/4) and decentralized/embedded setups of EWM
    In-depth knowledge on EWM & WM, as well as basic knowledge of integrated modules (MM, SD, PP)
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