XML/EDI Specialist Reference number: 703
Last update: 14-01-2019, 16:55
Region: Brussels
Contract type: permanent
Job type: Employee/consultant
Job description
Have you ever found yourself staring fascinated at a soda can, wondering what it exactly means to hold it in your hand ?
What does the barcode really mean, or what journey has this little can traveled to get into your hand ?

Then this job might be something for you!

Our client, a non-profit organisation, offers open EDI standard formats for a wide variety of companies. This facilitates the interoperability between the closed internal ICT-systems of various companies in the same supply chain. This way, data can be transferred in an efficient way.

This is why we are looking for a dynamic XML expert!
What you’ll do
  • Analyze various scenario's in corporate processes and the data that is exchanged between chain-partners
  • Transform this information into structured process- and semantic data models with clear business terms followed by syntax binding
  • Translate these syntax bindings into Message Implementation Guides or XML-schemes in order to visualize the standard EDI format
  • Develop mappingspecifications between different elements in various standardized EDI-formats
  • Process modification requests in standard EDI formats based on the requirements of the business or the law.
  • Create and manage manuals with a thorough documentation and explanation of these Formats and syntaxbindings etc.
  • ...
Required Skills
  • Knowledge of XML technologies XML-syntax, XML-schemes, xPath, (XSD)...
  • Experience in moddelingmethods
  • Knowledge of EDI-technologies, -networks and -communicationprotocols
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