Senior Project Manager Reference number: 729
Last update: 22-01-2019, 14:13
Region: Brussels & Hasselt
Sector: Finance & IT
Job description
The mission of a (Senior) Project Manager is to make sure the project stakeholders will benefit from project deliveries according to commitments and expectations by constantly managing the mix of scope, quality, value delivery, timing and budget.

The last years some important investments were done to standardize our IT platforms. Nevertheless we still have some IT debt coming from our history.
We have a multi technological environment where besides applications also topics like infrastructure, database, security and impact on operations needs to be taken into account
Change management of teams and end-users is a crucial element
The core applications used are SAP and in Retail and B2B area, Aligne in the Optimization & Risk area and SAP in the finance & HR area. Interconnection happens by an ESB/API hybrid communication platform, reporting & analysis via a central BI foundation.
What you’ll do
  • General Delivery - As a (Senior) Project Manager you will plan and ensure, to the satisfaction of the stakeholders, execution of one or more Big IT projects within set timelines and budget by defining and managing elements such as the scope, value delivery, solution, planning, budget, risks & issues, resources, dependencies, quality, decisions and assumptions, in close collaboration with your internal clients and both internal and external suppliers.
  • Project Preparation - You will actively participate or lead the preparation phase (RFP, pilot’s, budget and business case definition) to ensure the project definition is done in a solid way allowing later on delivery of the project scope and definition and setup of the related run-services within time and budget.
  • Stakeholder reporting & management - You will be the trusted companion of your sponsors and stakeholders during the whole project, and especially during the steering committees, and provide them with regular, proactive, clear and transparent project statuses. You prepare for decision and management decision support. You will ensure that all reports and dashboards always contain the latest information on your project. You proactively propose solution to get your project back on track in case of deviation.

    For Senior Project Managers stakeholder management and reporting goes up to the highest level in the company and includes dealing with politics and tactics in order to keep the range of stakeholders on board and reach the project goals.
  • Managing multidisciplinary teams in a multidisciplinary context - You will work in different business areas (utility based) with a broad range of IT applications and infrastructure (including network and security). You actively pursue and coordinate the end to end implementation, leading a multi-disciplinary team of business and IT experts (process owners, key users, solution architects and designers developers, testers, change agents, etc.) You will act in a team accountability mode, where you as a (Senior) PM will be the key spokesperson towards the stakeholders.

    You will make sure the necessary resources are available or upstaffed and confirmed by the different capacity managers or that the necessary Epics and User stories are prepared and ready for delivery by the BizDevOps Release Train.

    You will bring guidance and coaching to your business and IT resources and report on their performance and evolution towards the relevant business and IT managers.
    You have affinity with engineering of solutions at all levels (IT application and infrastructure architecture, functional E2E processes, data) allowing to steer the project team in the right direction of the valuable solution.

    For Senior Project Managers the variety and multitude of departments and teams to deal with can cross a substantial part of the entire company.
  • Value delivery & Tracking - You will always keep track of the business case and take attention on the prioritization based on the minimum viable product supporting the highest benefit towards the business case. This can include challenging your stakeholders to ensure respecting Time, Budget, Scope and Quality at all times – or allow only motivated and approved deviation . You are responsible for keeping track of all approved changes.
  • Solid educational background, preferably in the fields of computer science or engineering
  • Experience in project management methodology and tools
  • Experience in Agile methodologies is a must. Having methodology certification is considered an asset
  • (Strong) affinity with engineering of solutions at all levels (IT application and infrastructure architecture, functional E2E processes and data modelling) and a good general understanding of business contexts and complex IT architectures including different technologies and systems
  • A technical background, with understanding or hands-on experience in software development and web technologies can be an asset
  • Experience in Utilities is an asset
  • For Senior Project Managers following extras are a must
    o experience in complex project management with proven business benefit >7j
    o proof of managing multidisciplinary teams of over 10 people
    o proof of successfully handling big projects (+2M Eur Budget)
    o proof of successfully handling large external integrators and/or software suppliers as part of a project (including off shore partners)
  • Master of business English and are at least conversational in Dutch or French
  • Possess client-facing and internal communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Good presentation preparation skills
  • Able to manage stakeholders; Show discipline and report transparently and correctly project status
  • Set the pace, prompts for decision
  • Excellent and proactive organizer with strong tracking and follow-up skills including attention to detail while multitasking
  • Like to work within a changing environment and under pressure; be a change driver
  • Is able to set and change priorities and perform under pressure
  • Analytic skills & problem solver; capable to understand fast new technologies
  • Can manage multidisciplinary teams. Bring structure and build a framework for an optimal team performance (incl. onshore/offshore supplier resources)
  • Has leadership skills, even when not hierarchically empowered
  • Correct, though, respectful, persistent
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