Application Developer Specialist Reference number: 889
Last update: 28-06-2019, 16:37
Region: Ghent
Sector: Automotive
Start: 12 Apr 2019    End: 28 Jun 2019
ASAP, 3 months
Job type: Contract
Job description
* The company is introducing Platform as a Service (PaaS) in its deliveries so that decision has been made to establish a PaaS Development Track to secure a consistent and efficient use of PaaS services by the application development community.

* Intention is to create a new service for Azure PaaS platform

* The company has provided security requirements based on CIS that should be translated into Azure Security policies ideally and propose alternative solution when it is not possible

* Azure Policies will be implemented through “pipeline” to automate the assignment of selected policies to the different Azure Management Group
What you’ll do
  • Support in developing security controls to fulfill security requirement by:
  • Reviewing list of selected security requirement to understand them
  • Develop custom & template Azure policies that will either audit or enforce the security requirement
  • Develop other solution if Azure policies can't be used
  • Identify the possible solution to address security requirement
  • Develop
  • Development custom & template Azure policies
  • Document test plan
  • Run test to secure that Policies behave according to expectations
  • Document policies that cannot be technically implemented (with technical evidences)
  • Investigate other solution to address the security requirement
  • Azure DevOps Pipeline enhancement
  • Implement the Azure Policies through Azure Dev ops Pipeline in QA and in Prod
  • Knowledge transfer from Microsoft: be involved in the testing of the pipeline
  • Spend time with Microsoft to understand how the pipeline has been developed and how it should be used to assign the different types of policies
  • Review and approve Design documentation prepared by Microsoft
  • Document operational procedure if applicable
Required Skills
  • Strong Experience in Azure environment
  • Experience in developing Azure Policies
  • Experience in Azure Policies automation (pipeline,…)
  • Scripting competences in JSON
  • Experience in developing Azure DevOps Pipeline to automate azure policies implementation
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