Contract management

Exactly what are the legal requirements when you recruit an employee? What do you need to include in your contracts with suppliers? Are the contracts you drafted in the past up to date with recent legal requirements? You could try to keep on top of all this yourself. And with luck, you’ll avoid all the doubt, sleepless nights, potential fines and possible legal breaches … Alternatively, you could call on Harvey Nash.

We ensure your contracts are legally compliant, whether they’re for permanent employees or temporary workers brought on to meet a spike in demand. SLAs and pre-defined KPIs assure you of the quality of our work. Our services cover three main areas:

Contract administration

  • Your third-party contracts are managed for you;
  • Your new and existing contracts are checked;
  • You’re given advice to ensure you meet all legal requirements, employee rights are covered, debt transfer eliminated and your tax liability minimised.

Payroll administration

  • Your payroll administration is taken care of, whether it involves standard or multiple arrangements;
  • You are given access to electronic tools that make timesheet and invoice management as easy as could be;
  • You issue batch invoices once a month to improve simplicity, convenience and streamlining.

Employee supplier management

  • You receive advice on using preferred employee suppliers;
  • You learn how to manage your non-preferred suppliers.
  • You’re given tricks and tips for maintaining easy access to niche employee suppliers.

Why Harvey Nash?

Most companies tend to turn to the same suppliers when they need to recruit staff. There are some major drawbacks to this. You have less flexibility. You become increasingly dependent on just a few players in the market. And your preferred suppliers do not always have the talent you need. While you search elsewhere, time ticks away, the likelihood of a perfect match drops and you potentially put your project into jeopardy.

But when you work with a matcher who has experience and insight into the recruitment process, you overcome these potential issues and reap the benefits. When you work with Harvey Nash, you have increased flexibility. Our experienced understanding of who you need and who you’re hiring means you’ll recruit the best talent available, perfectly matched to your requirements.

  • Your recruitment processes are simplified, more efficient, flexible and transparent.
  • You have better access to the candidates who are best suited to your specific needs.
  • You have less administration to take care of. And anything you need to do is clearer, more streamlined and simpler.
  • Your local presence is developed and strengthened.
  • You end up with lower costs!