Harvey Nash Group host International Women’s Day Virtual Conference on Tuesday 8th March 2022 Posted on 01-03-2022

To celebrate International Women’s Day on Tuesday 8th March, Harvey Nash Group are hosting their first ever Virtual Conference, which supports this year’s theme - #BreakTheBias.


The conference has a full line up of brilliant speakers from both within the Group and from its clients, partners and connections.  Although the conference is scheduled from 9am GMT to 6pm GMT, you can select which particular sessions you’d like to join.


The full schedule for the day is featured below.  Highlights include a panel discussing modern parenting, the importance of male allyship and a meditation session, so you can recover your balance.







#MeToo - an Indian Context
Geeta Goti discusses sexual harassment in India, in conversation with Chantelle Jones.


Modern Parenting Panel Discussion
Work, home, family, childcare, personal time - it’s a delicate balancing act! Elli Fruehwirth hosts a panel of Harvey Nash Group colleagues and clients.



Women in Technology Panel Discussion
In this panel discussion, hosted by David Savage, we'll be looking at how to attract women to the technology sector and what schools, parents and business need to do.



Meditation Session
…and breathe. Join Elli as she takes us through a relaxing, restorative guided meditation.



You Have a Voice, Here's How To Amplify It to Advance Your Career
Melanie Hayes interviews Emmy award-winning former CNN correspondent and anchor Gina London, who guides the world's top companies and executives on how to connect and engage with their employees, their board and themselves more positively.



The Importance of Male Allyship Panel Discussion
Stephanie Melodia hosts a panel discussion of Harvey Nash Group employees and contacts on why every person plays an important role to enable sustainable change.



Journey to CEO - Leadership Lessons
Harvey Nash Group CEO, Bev White, shares lessons she's learnt throughout her journey to becoming a CEO. With Melanie Hayes and Occo Lijding.


To register for the conference, please click here