Not sure exactly what a job as a Java developer entails? Or can't wait to get started as a Java programmer? Harvey Nash would like to give you some information about the Java developer job below.

What does a Java developer do?
A Java developer is responsible for developing applications and software using the Java programming language. Java developers are programmers who specialise in the Java programming language. Because of this specialisation, Java programmers often work together with other software developers. Java code can be used for business applications, software and/or websites.

What does a Java developer earn?
Just like many other jobs in IT, the job of Java programmer is a well-paid job. As a junior Java developer, you can expect an average gross salary of €2900 per month. As a senior, you will quickly reach an average gross salary of €3850 per month.

Does a job as a Java developer have future prospects?
Yes, a job as a Java developer is a good career choice!

Java is one of the most widely used and popular programming languages worldwide. Especially within mobile development, Java is king. But Java can also be used for back-end development and cloud-based solutions. Java is also often used within niches such as IoT and Big Data.

The wide variety of projects in which the programming language can be used ensures that the profile of a Java developer is in great demand.
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