€ 1.000 Referral Fee
... for referring a friend to Harvey Nash!

Did you know Harvey Nash has a referral program?
You’ll receive €1.000 for referred IT professionals you send our way.

How to Register Your Referrals with Harvey Nash

To receive credit for your referral, you must either email the candidate’s resume or the candidate can email his/her resume directly to Harvey Nash at info@harveynash.be.

Be sure and tell your referral to specifically state that you referred him/her to Harvey Nash.

Start Referring Today!

Visit the Jobs section on our website to see if your referral is a fit for any of our active openings.

General Terms and conditions


The person who makes the referral will only qualify for the €1,000 referral fee if the referred candidate completes at least 26 full weeks of work (or the equivalent of 130 days of work).


The referral fee will be paid to the person who makes the referral. The payment will be made in two equal instalments: €500 will be paid when the referred candidate starts work. The remaining €500 will be paid after 6 months (when the 26 full weeks of work have been completed).


The first instalment of the referral fee is only payable if the referred candidate actually starts working with us. If the candidate stops working with Harvey Nash prior to the payment of the second instalment of the referral fee, the second instalment will not be payable.


The referral needs to lead to employment within 3 months. If it takes longer, Harvey Nash will not be required to pay the referral fee. Suppose you referred a candidate 12 months ago. If the same candidate responds to an advertisement today or Harvey Nash contacts them directly about a position, you would not be paid the referral fee.


The referral reward is not payable if the referred candidate has already been introduced or has previously applied for a position at Harvey Nash (see also point 10).


The referral must be completed via email to guarantee the reward is payable. The details of the person who makes the referral will be logged by Harvey Nash.


The person making the referral must notify the candidate and have their consent before submitting their details to Harvey Nash to make the referral.


The referral payment is only paid for the initial placement; any subsequent placements will not qualify for an additional payment.


In the event of a dispute, Harvey Nash’s decision is final.


What happens if Harvey Nash already knows the referred candidate? We want to avoid any doubt or confusion. So, whenever a candidate is referred, Harvey Nash will immediately let the person making the referral know whether the referred candidate is already in our database, properly categorised and able to be searched for. If they are, the person making the referral will not be paid a referral fee.

Legal Disclaimer
Harvey Nash reserves the right to terminate this offer at any time, with no liability for any future payments.