Operations Security Manager Reference number: 561
Last update: 12-10-2018, 10:26
Region: Brussels
Sector: Energy
Education: Bachelor/Master
ASAP ( 6 months work minimum)
Work experience: 5 years minimum
Job type: Temporary Contract Full time on site
Job description
The information security operations manager is a critical member of the Information Risk Management process. He/she will ensure that our security level is protecting the company IT systems against any potential thread which may cause service interruption with high financial impact. He/she is also responsible for the identity and access management ensuring internal/external employees to have the appropriate identities and credentials enabling data and application owners to control access to their resources.
He/she also ensures that standardized methods and procedures are used for efficient and prompt handling of problems in order to minimize their impact upon IT service quality and increase the customer satisfaction. We're looking for an operationnal/ hands-on consultant for this postion, not a a poeple manager.
What you’ll do
  • IT OPS Security Management :
    o As Operations Security Manager ensures that the risk to the company’s information posed by a variety of threats (Virus - cyberattacks; theft or corruption of vital data from within; etc.) is minimized. He/she ensures that, when cyberattacks occur or data is stolen or compromised, these incidents are dealt with promptly and effectively and the chance of that particular type of incident recurring is minimized.
    o He/she Acts as an interface between the strategic and process-based activities and the work of the technology-focused analysts, engineers and administrators in the IT organisation.
    o Responsible for coordinating the IT organisation's technical activities to implement and manage security operations in light of the service levels
    o In collaboration with the Security Governance lead, acts as an empowered representative of the Information Risk Management leader during IT planning initiatives to ensure that security measures are incorporated into strategic IT plans and that service expectations are clearly defined.
     Create and implement security operations center.
     Identify and respond to security incidents, both technical and non-technical.
     Development and maintenance of policies and associated standard operational procedures.
     Analyse security requirements and relate them to appropriate security controls.
     In charge of operational dimensions of:
    • Cryptography and cryptanalysis.
    • Application technology security testing (white box, black box and code review).
    • System technology security testing (vulnerability scanning and penetration testing).

    IT OPERATION Problem Management :
    o Responsible for ensuring that the standard & governance principles of Problem management process are accurate and well understood by the support organization.
    o Responsible for providing accurate report on the key performance indicator related to problems
    o Cooperate with the Service Level Manager in order to align the reporting needs and eventually review / modify the Problem management process to provide valuable improvement action item.
    o He/She will oversee that all problems identified are handled according to the service level objectives. He/She will provide feedback and recommendation to the Service Delivery organization
    o During business hours, the PM manager will be a contributor in order to expedite the resolution covering :
     Major incident handling (P1/P2)
     Problem handling (follow Problem management process)
    o He/She will drive implementation of standard execution of the Problem Management process and is responsible of keeping the documentation on the PM process update
    o Identifys improvement priorities based on Problem management analysis and dashboard
    Identity & Access Management Team Lead :
    o As a Team Lead of the IAM Team, whose mission it is to ensure that internal/external employees have appropriate identities and credentials, to enable data and application owners to control access to their resources. This includes operational responsibility for underlying IT systems and applications that deliver IAM services.
    o In His/Her role as IAM Team Lead he/she will be accountable for all customer relationships, and quality of service delivery.
    o Responsible for ensuring that the standard & governance principles of Identity & Access management process are accurate / documented and well understood by the support organization.
    o Implements processes and methods for auditing and addressing non-compliance to information security standards and facilitates migration of non-compliant environments to compliant environments
    o Responsible for providing accurate audit / compliancy metric report on the key performance indicator related to all Identity & Access service request.
    o In His / Her role, he/she will be responsible for making moderate to significant processes and systems improvements, to enhance the performance, quality and experiences of our internal and external employees.
  • Economische dimensies (bijvoorbeeld: omzet, budget, investering):
    The IT Operation security manager will be responsible for the GDPR compliancy which could lead the company to a financial exposure of 4% of her annual turnover (>100 Mio €).
    He will focus on preventing threads and malicious / viral digital attack which could damage the company image as well as customer relationship and by consequence expose the company to major financial losses.

    Managementdimensies (bijvoorbeeld: aantal ondergeschikte werknemers, aantal leden van de projectteams, aantal correspondenten die m.b.t. het domein aangesproken moeten worden):

    Lead IAM employees
    Will interact with the Incident Manager, Project management Team, external partners, Infrastructure Team as IT Security key contact and process owner.

    Sleutelindicatoren van de activiteit:
    KPI related to Security Health indicator (Aggregate of Desktop / Servers / Security incident and Control Known risk)
    Manage incident and triage of 800 events related to security / SOC
Required Skills
  • Key deliverables

    • Governance on the Problem & IAM management process (as process owner)
    • Security / Problem & IAM management reporting & analysis
    • Manage Problem till complete resolution and communicate on a timely basis to the IT senior leadership
    • Manage and contribute to the Service Improvement plan
    • Lead IAM employees and ensures all compliance related activities are being completed accurately and in a timely manner.
  • Key interactions of department

    • With Business Relationship Management
    o For Security or Problem
    • With Change & Delivery
    o For Security related topics
    • With Service Level Manager
    o For Security & Problem management analysis
    • With Service Desk
    o For incident and IAM Service request performance (in terms of SLO)
    o For Major Incident & Problem communication / Handling process

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