Senior System Engineer Reference number: 795
Last update: 05-03-2019, 11:57
Region: Brussels
Sector: Finance
ASAP - End of the year
Job description

Enterprise Middleware and Integration Services (EMIS) group offer advisory, delivery and support services to Production Services, Roadmap and Strategic Projects, and to the Business.

Due to its integration role between business applications and hardware platforms, the EMIS group offer technical expertise both to project-oriented activities and to production-oriented activities.

The Enterprise Middleware and Integration Services contribute in multiple ways to project phases.

- Project initiation: Based on technology strategy and evolution as well as rationalization objectives, preparation of project proposals submitted for introduction into the Roadmap.
- Technology evaluation and selection: Analysis and selection of “off-the-shelf” software products, proofs of concept and of technology.
- Technical solution design: Preparation, contribution to, or review of High-Level Technical Design documents.
- Project documentation: Review of various types of project documents such as High-Level Application Design, various kinds of Detailed Application Design documents, Production acceptance, etc.
- Delivery: Detailed design, build, integration design, installation, deployment and support procedures, handover to operational teams, intervention tools and guides, etc.
- Support to testing.
- Support to deployment and launch.

When the IT solutions involve the complex integration of multiple components, the EMIS group collaborate with others specialized architects to the solution and integration design.

Production-related Services
The Enterprise Middleware and Integration Services support their technologies once in Production and contribute to incident management (ESD), problem management (PMR’s), and enhancement, change and release management processes (Software Releases, ECR’s, and projects).The EMIS group also ensure in- and out-of-business-hours support for their technologies.

Advisory Services
The combination of the project- and the production-related activities enables the team members to leverage their practical field experience to further enhance their technical expertise. Conversely, the participation in project activities and technology strategy enables the team members to anticipate and manage changes in the infrastructure and potential issues resulting from these changes. This deep level of expertise, combined with integration and multi-domain skills, is solicited by other IT departments. For instance, EMIS play an advisory role in the elaboration of solution architecture strategy. When new middleware technologies are introduced, beyond the standard project deliverables, EMIS ensure the handover to and the coaching of operational teams with respect to the deployment, management, and front-level support of these technologies.

Within this group, the Content and Collaboration services (CCS) team is responsible for defining and delivering content and collaboration services based on solutions that we design, engineer, implement, integrate and maintain. The CCS team ensures the operability of the solutions by enforcing security, capability, availability, alerting, and manageability requirements.

The location for this position is in Brussels.
What you’ll do
  • We are looking for a Senior IT System Engineer with the following skills and interest in defining and delivering social, collaboration and content management services.
  • Software installation, maintenance and infrastructure tuning
  • Other various infrastructure tasks (design, configuration, integration, release management, patching, migration)
  • Support of business solutions and end-users (2nd & 3th level support)
  • Review of technical/functional design for supporting new business requirements.
  • Ensure compliance with security guidelines (Technical Security Standards)
  • Hardening of new systems
  • Watch duty
  • You expertise will be mainly necessary with the following technologies and solutions on the Linux platform:
    Swift messaging (GTExchange)
    social and collaboration (Jive)
  • You are eager to develop expertise in one of the following technologies and solutions on the windows platform:
    content management, information architecture, enterprise search, workflow (SharePoint, Office365, Nintex)
    automated fax infrastructure (Message Plus Open, SR140)
  • Platforms: Linux (Windows would be an asset)
  • Bash scripting, Json (JavaScript an PowerShell would be an asset)
  • You have experience in automation with Ansibel
  • Implementation, integration and securing of packages on the Linux platform
  • Implementation, administration and securing of Internet infrastructures (Apache, TomEE, HTTPD, Java, TomCat)
  • Security (TLS, SSL, certificate mgt, …)
  • You have an analytical view and a problem solving attitude resulting in permanent resolutions of issues
  • You are willing to work within a team where sharing of expertise and collaborative approach is key for reaching successful results.
  • You are a good communicator
  • You are fluent in English (French and/or Dutch would be an asset)
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